Laundering illegal money? There's ultra luxury New York real estate for that

For decades, if one wanted to launder a few million (or billion) without paying taxes and attracting undue government attention, the proper venue were bank accounts in Geneva, Zurich or Bern. However, following recent events when courtesy of Barack Obama's tax "transparency" (if nowhere else) initiative, Swiss bank secrecy no longer exists, the world's uber-wealthy were stuck with a quandary: "where do we park our trillions in illicit cash without attracting the attention of tax and government authorities?"
Two years ago we revealed the answer, when we wrote "This is why the NAR will never be prosecuted for facilitating money laundering":
... a foreigner who may or may not have engaged in massive criminal activity and/or dealt with Iran, Afghanistan, or any other bogeyman du jour at some point in their past, and is using US real estate merely as a money-laundering front perhaps? Sadly, we will never know. Why? As explained before, it is all thanks to the National Association of Realtors - those wonderful people who bring you the existing home sales update every month (with a documented upward bias every single time) - which just so happens is the only organization that actively lobbied for and received an exemption from AML regulation compliance.National Association of Realtors lobbies for and gets exemption from money laundering rules... As much as 1.5 trillion per year in dirty dough moves around every year... Ultra luxury ONLY segment of real estate to grow in past quarter...