73 Year Old Grandmother Mauled and Killed by Police K9 During Door to Door Search

The Free Thought Project
Cassandra Rules
July 22, 2014
Irene Collins, an elderly cancer patient of Middlesbrough has died over the weekend, after being attacked by an out of control Cleveland police K9 last Wednesday night.http://thefreethoughtproject.com/

How this is resisting arrest ?Police: Charleroi man, Finleyville woman charged

Police: Charleroi man, Finleyville woman charged

Charleroi cops (Curtis Pritchett)

CBS chief White House correspondent Major Garrett Files Formal Complaint against WH for Lack of Transparency at Event


Graph showing names and ages of Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces


Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick

Kubrick's Odyssey

Pigs (3 Different Ones) by Pink Floyd.

Down at the Farm: An Essay On 'ANIMALS.'"

Pink Floyd's 1977 album, "Animals" probably holds some of the band's most deliciously cynical, grittiest, and scathing work. This is reflected especially in the unyielding lyrics of bassist Roger Waters; the entire album, he says, was an idea that came from George Orwell's classic fairy-tale/social commentary "Animal Farm," in which a group of oppressed barnyard animals are portrayed taking over their own territory again, and the power struggles amongst them--the perfect comparison to everyday human life.
Here is a run-down of the "Animals" trilogy--the album's three centerpieces--and their meanings.
"Dogs" is a seventeen-minute barrage of commentary on the greediness of humans--the lust for power, for dominance. Those who will step all over anyone and everything to get what they want. But in the end, since their fight for the top was obtained by greed, trickery, and betrayal, they are shoved back down to the bottom of the social ladder.
"Pigs (Three Different Ones)" was a scathing attack on three certain political leaders, one of which was Mary Whitehouse, a campaigner for the 'clean-up televison' debate. Here, Roger Waters attacks those who are perched on the top of control, unquestioned and claim to know what's best for everyone.
And finally, "Sheep" is the result of the dominance of the "Pigs"--the sheep are those 'meek and obedient' who are forced to follow what the domination says with, again, no questions. These are seen in corrupt governments, and certain corrupt Religious factions.
Personally, I believe this is Waters' most cynical work, not even second to that of his 1992 "Amused to Death" solo album. No matter how vicious the lyrics and meanings may seem, we can see that they are reflected in everyday human life.
--By Bud Sturguess

Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are. You well heeled big wheel, ha ha charade you are. And when your hand is on your heart, You're nearly a good laugh, Almost a joker, With your head down in the pig bin, Saying "Keep on digging." Pig stain on your fat chin. What do you hope to find. When you're down in the pig mine. You're nearly a laugh, You're nearly a laugh But you're really a cry. Bus stop rat bag, ha ha charade you are. You fucked up old hag, ha ha charade you are. You radiate cold shafts of broken glass. You're nearly a good laugh, Almost worth a quick grin. You like the feel of steel, You're hot stuff with a hatpin, And good fun with a hand gun. You're nearly a laugh, You're nearly a laugh But you're really a cry. Hey you, Whitehouse, Ha ha charade you are. You house proud town mouse, Ha ha charade you are You're trying to keep our feelings off the street. You're nearly a real treat, All tight lips and cold feet And do you feel abused? .....! .....! .....! .....! You gotta stem the evil tide, And keep it all on the inside. Mary you're nearly a treat, Mary you're nearly a treat But you're really a cry.

Footage of missile strike below press cameras in Gaza moments ago,


USA Today: On photography, cops need to get a clue - Photography is NOT A CRIME!

by Glenn Harlan Reynolds | USA Today
Last week, Buzzfeed reporter Benny Johnson went to work on a list of the seven ugliest federal buildings in Washington, D.C. But what he found was even uglier than the buildings: ignorant, heavy-handed law enforcement officers who told him — wrongly — that he couldn't photograph the ugly architecture.
Johnson repeatedly confirmed with the media-relations folks at these agencies that it was OK for him to photograph the buildings — as it is for any member of the public — but word hadn't filtered down to the guys with guns.
Johnson writes: "After I took this photo of a public walkway in front of the (Department of Energy) building, four armed guards surrounded me and my bike. I was ordered off my bicycle and told to hand over my camera. 'Where is your identification? Why are you taking photos of our building?' an officer asked me. I explained my role as a reporter and asked what rules I had broken. 'You are suspicious, and we are in a post-9/11 world,' he said. The four officers surrounded me right here, directly in front of the building entrance."
Here's the thing: They had no authority to do this.
It's legal in America to take pictures of public buildings — and pretty much everything and everyone else in public. That's something that law enforcement agencies routinely take advantage of in arguing that people have no "reasonable expectation of privacy" when they're out and about and being surveilled by the government.
Continue reading:

Border Agent Pulls Gun on Boy Scouts Detained For Taking Photos

China’s debt soars to 250% of GDP

Katie Holliday | CNBC
China's debt has soared to two and a half times its economy, Standard Chartered estimates, highlighting the difficulties Beijing faces in balancing growth with the risk of bubbles forming in its economy.
Total financial credit has surged to 251 percent of gross domestic product from 147 percent at the end of 2008, the bank said.
"The economy will continue to leverage up, and the market will remain concerned," said Stephen Green, chief China economist at Standard Chartered.
Since the financial crisis of 2008, China has relied heavily on credit to spur its high growth rates, but the alarming pace of credit growth has triggered worries for investors, especially as rapid build-ups in debt have signaled the onset of financial crises in other economies.

*VERY GRAPHIC* Scores of civilians killed in fresh attacks on Gaza

The Internet Sales Tax is Back - And this time it might pass

Washington Post
When the Senate passed legislation last year allowing states broader latitude to collect sales on online purchases, the proposal was immediately cast aside in the House — and there is has remained, stuck on a shelf. Until now.
Suddenly, even with the midterm elections nearing, the bill’s supporters believe they have found the perfect opportunity to try to push it through the lower chamber.
The House last week easily approved a bill dubbed the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act that would renew a longstanding ban on taxing access to the Internet. Considered a must-pass proposal, the legislation would prohibit state and local governments from charging residents fees to browse the Web.
So far, the bill has faced virtually no opposition. But that could soon change.

White House issues another illegal exemption...Territories Free of ObamaCare

The original House and Senate bills that became the Affordable Care Act included funding for insurance exchanges in these territories, as President Obama promised when as a Senator he campaigned in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and other 2008 Democratic primaries. But the $14.5 billion in subsidies for the territories were dumped in 2010 as ballast when Democrats needed to claim the law reduced the deficit.
As a consolation, Democrats opened several public-health programs to the territories and bestowed most of ObamaCare's insurance regulations, which liberals euphemize as "consumer protections," such as requiring insurers to accept all comers and charge the same premiums regardless of patient health. "After a careful review of the law," said Health and Human Services in a 2012 letter, HHS granted the territories' request to apply these rules "to the maximum extent permitted by law."

New Whistleblower: NSA Can Collect Your Emails With Executive Order

Former State Department official John Napier Tye wants Americans to know about Executive Order 12333, which he says allows the National Security Agency to collect U.S. citizens’ online communications without oversight from the courts or Congress.
The 1981 executive order authorizes intelligence agencies to collect communications overseas without a warrant. Tye says loopholes allow for the collection of American emails and other communications routinely copied to servers outside the U.S., even if the sender and recipient are not abroad.
“Once that email leaves the territory of the United States, Executive Order 12333 authorizes the NSA to collect it, so long as it’s in the course of a lawful foreign intelligence investigation,” Tye tells U.S. News. “There are massive, widespread constitutional violations going on every single day, and I filed a complaint to try to stop them.”

U.S. State Department spokesperson admits that its MH17 "evidence" is based on YouTube clips and social media posts

California Halts Injection of Fracking Waste, Warning it May Be Contaminating Aquifers

This story was originally published on ProPublica.
California officials have ordered an emergency shut-down of 11 oil and gas waste injection sites and a review more than 100 others in the state's drought-wracked Central Valley out of fear that companies may have been pumping fracking fluids and other toxic waste into drinking water aquifers there.
The state's Division of Oil and Gas and Geothermal Resources on July 7 issued cease and desist orders to seven energy companies warning that they may be injecting their waste into aquifers that could be a source of drinking water, and stating that their waste disposal "poses danger to life, health, property, and natural resources." The orders were first reported by the Bakersfield Californian, and the state has confirmed with ProPublica that its investigation is expanding to look at additional wells.
The action comes as California's agriculture industry copes with a drought crisis that has emptied reservoirs and cost the state $2.2 billion this year alone. The lack of water has forced farmers across the state to supplement their water supply from underground aquifers, according to a study released this week by the University of California Davis.
The problem is that at least 100 of the state's aquifers were presumed to be useless for drinking and farming because the water was either of poor quality, or too deep underground to easily access.

"Mr Obama - do you have a heart? Spend one night with us in Gaza

. It would change history" ... Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert's open letter evokes conditions in Shifa hospital
Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor who is volunteering at Shifa, treats a Palestinian girl at the emergency room

The “ground invasion” of Gaza resulted in scores and carloads with maimed, torn apart, bleeding, shivering, dying... All sorts of injured Palestinians, all ages, all civilians, all innocent.

The heroes in the ambulances and in all of Gaza’s hospitals are working 12 to 24‑hour shifts, grey from fatigue and inhuman workloads (without payment in Shifa for the last four months). They care, triage, try to understand the incomprehensible chaos of bodies, sizes, limbs, walking, not walking, breathing, not breathing, bleeding, not bleeding humans. Humans!
Now, once more treated like animals by “the most moral army in the world” [sic!].
My respect for the wounded is endless, in their contained determination in the midst of pain, agony and shock; my admiration for the staff and volunteers is endless.
My closeness to the Palestinian “sumud” [steadfastness] gives me strength, although in glimpses I just want to scream, hold someone tight, cry, smell the skin and hair of the warm child, covered in blood, protect ourselves in an endless embrace – but we cannot afford that, nor can they.
Ashy grey faces – Oh no! not one more load of tens of maimed and bleeding. We still have lakes of blood on the floor in the emergency room, piles of dripping, blood-soaked bandages to clear out – oh – the cleaners, everywhere, swiftly shovelling the blood and discarded tissues, hair, clothes, cannulas – the leftovers from death – all taken away... to be prepared again, to be repeated all over.http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opinion/israelgaza-conflict-mr-obama-do-you-have-a-heart-spend-one-night-with-us-in-gaza-it-would-change-history-norwegian-doctor-mads-gilberts-open-letter-evokes-conditions-in-shifa-hospital-30452235.html
News» World News» Middle East» Palestinian Authority Watch live: Gaza City under fire as Israel steps up ground operation Watch skyline view from Gaza City as Israel continues its ground operation to stamp out rocket attacks from the Palestinian enclave

Nancy Pelosi - Nancy Pelosi - The Colbert Report - Video Clip | Comedy Central

Video: Bill O’Reilly & Megyn Kelly Talk About CopBlock.org on Fox

“The Newburgh Sting” Asks Terrorism or Entrapment?

HBO Documentaries: "The Newburgh Sting" - - Asks Terrorism or Entrapment?http://arts.firedoglake.com/2014/07/20/hbo-doc-the-newburgh-sting-asks-terrorism-or-entrapment/

Watch Radio Free Albemuth (Philip K. Dick, Alanis Morissette) - A political-mystical conspiracy - 2014

Radio Free Albemuth ON 12160

Twin Peaks Season 1 (1990) TV Series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch - -Kyle MacLachlan, Sherilyn Fenn, Lara Flynn Boyle

Twin Peaks Season 1 on 12160

Officers fight subpoenas in theater shootings case

(AP) — The city of Aurora and two police officers who are potential prosecution witnesses in the Colorado theater shootings case are fighting attempts by defense attorneys to get the officers' disciplinary records.
City attorneys filed motions over the weekend seeking to toss out subpoenas for the records. The officers' attorneys filed similar motions last week.
Both officers had a role in the response to the July 20, 2012, shootings

Thousands of Gun Owners Stand and Say “I’m Larry Pratt”

altGroundswell movement blasts Rep. Maloney for attacking Gun Owners of America

Written by Gun Owners
In case you missed it, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) attacked your Gun Owners of America late last week.
In doing so, Maloney called for Capitol Hill law enforcement to investigate GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt for saying that the Second Amendment is “for restraining tyrannical tendencies in government … especially those in the liberal, tyrannical end of the spectrum.”
In turn, author David Codrea of the Gun Rights Examiner blasted Maloney for her ignorance of the Constitution and for spurning our founding documents.  He even went so far as to say that if Maloney is going to investigate Pratt, then she’d better start investigating other gun owners, too.alt
“Remember the ‘I’m Spartacus!’ scene from the Kubrick movie?” asked Codrea.  “In this case, I’m Larry Pratt.
“If the Capitol Police are going to investigate him, they’re going to have to investigate me, too, because I agree with everything he said about the Second Amendment being a last-resort protection against tyranny,” Codrea said.
Over the weekend, thousands upon thousands of gun owners joined Codrea in saying “I’m Larry Pratt,” and they called on Maloney to stop playing partisan politics.
Here are just some of the comments that were posted on GOA’s Facebook page:
* “It’s a pretty pathetic government that wants someone investigated for believing in and standing up for the Constitution!”

Source post: http://gunowners.org/thousands-of-gun-owners-stand-and-say-im-larry-pratt.htm

MSNBC Contributor Criticizes MSNBC On MSNBC For Air Time Given To Palestinian Voices

Monday’s edition of MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Daily featured criticism of the network’s coverage of the conflict in Gaza by one of its own paid contributors, Newsweek’s Rula Jebreal.

RULA JEBREAL: “We are biased when it comes to this issue. Look how many (sic) air time Netanyahu and his folks have on air on a daily basis — Andrea Mitchell and others. I never see one Palestinian being interviewed on these same issues..

RONAN FARROW: “I’m going to push back a little on that. We’ve had Palestinian voices on our air.”

JEBREAL: “Maybe for 30 seconds, and then you have 25 minutes for Bibi Netanyahu.”


Video: Wounded Gaza Civilian Repeatedly Shot and ultimately Killed by a Sniper as he searches for loved ones

A video emerged Monday that is described as showing a Palestinian man repeatedly shot and ultimately killed by a sniper while he searched for his family in the devastated neighborhood of Shujaiyeh.

10000 People Marched Through Downtown Chicago To Say Stop Bombing Gaza !


Israeli Peace Demo Violently Disrupted, Dozens Injured as Counter-Protesters Yell "Death to Arabs"

05m 38s
We look at the increasingly dangerous political climate inside Israel where several peace protests have recently come under attack. On Saturday, right-wing activists burned a Palestinian flag, chanted racial slurs and threw stones at an antiwar protest in Haifa of Arabs and Israelis opposed to the bombardment of Gaza. Haifa’s deputy mayor, Dr. Suhail Assad, and his son were beaten. On Sunday, the captain of a youth soccer team in Be’er Sheva wrote on his Facebook page: "send left-wing voters to the gas chambers and clean this country of leftists." The week before the Gaza invasion began, gangs were reportedly seen roaming the streets of Jerusalem and other towns shouting, "Death to Arabs!" We go to Israel to speak with Rann Bar-On, an Israeli peace activist and Duke University mathematics lecturer, who took part in Saturday’s Haifa protest. And we are joined by Max Blumenthal, senior writer for AlterNet.org and best-selling author whose latest book, "Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel," documents the spread of right-wing Israeli extremism.

Your iPhone May Be Rigged to Spy on You

NEW YORK — iOS forensic examiner Jonathan Zdziarski may know more about iPhones than any other non-Apple employee. Yet even he can't find a reason for some of the mystery features buried within the iOS operating system, which look an awful lot like security backdoors that bypass user-designated data protections. 
The features could be there to let Apple — or even the National Security Agency or the FBI — get access to most of your iOS device's data without you knowing it.
MORE: 5 Essential iPhone Security Tips
In a presentation Friday (July 18) at the HOPE X hacker conference here, Zdziarksi detailed his discoveries about the data-collection tools hidden on iOS devices. Some tools are listed by name, yet not explained, in the Apple developer manual and do far more than advertised. Others are undocumented and buried deep within the iOS code.
The hidden features may partly explain allegations, based on documents leaked in the Snowden archive, in the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel that the NSA has had the ability to access data on BlackBerrys and Android and iOS devices. Der Spiegel did not detail how the NSA would do so.
The undocumented features can be accessed by any PC or Mac to which a targeted iOS device has been connected via USB, Zdziarski says. Some hidden features can also be accessed via Wi-Fi while the phone is at rest, or even while the owner is using it.
Zdziarksi is certain that these mechanisms, whatever their purpose, are no accidenthttp://news.yahoo.com/iphone-may-rigged-spy-183943399.html

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Wealth Gap (HBO)

John Oliver, puppets take on the prison system

Horrific pictures out of Gaza from past 24 hours. NSFL

Horrific pictures out of Gaza from past 24 hours. NSFL

60-foot tall big yellow duck

If you see a see an 60-foot tall big yellow duck, the Chinese authorities would like to have a word with youA giant, 59-foot rubber duck made by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, was happily floating on the Nanming River in China's Guizhou Province, when it went missing

Live from Gaza

MORE Cams On #Gaza #TelAviv - 12160

Maverick 1x06 Stage West - Watch Western TV Show Full Episodes

Search Results Actor James Garner, the original 'Maverick,' dies at 86

Actor James Garner, the original 'Maverick,' dies at 86

  1. TIME ‎- 11 hours ago
    Famous for his Maverick Western series in the 1950s and The Rockford Files in the '70s, and in movies like The Great Escape and Grand Prix ...
Actor James Garner, the original 'Maverick,' dies at 86

Colbert: ‘Thank God’ I Don’t Have Time to Cover ‘Depressing’ MH17, Gaza Storie

Watch video

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Rips on Anderson Cooper's Israel/Gaza Reporting

John Oliver, puppets take on the prison system

A 19 day old (reddit)account. Reached 2000 upvotes within 55 minutes. Front page instantly.

And people still say Israel's internet warriors (JIDF) are a myth. http://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/2b9jg4/a_19_day_old_account_this_is_its_only_post/

Former Miss USA retweets criticism of Israel, neocons go wild

Former Miss USA retweets criticism of Israel, neocons go wild

A Lawsuit Could Destroy Obamacare In These 36 States

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit is expected to rule on Halbig v. Burwell, which challenges these subsidies. As Business Insider's Brett LoGiurato reported, the Affordable Care Act was designed with the expectation that each state would run its own exchange, and part of the law notes that subsidies may be provided "through an Exchange established by the State." The challengers to the law argue that this means that, technically, the subsidies should only be available to the state-run marketplaces.
That means more than 5 million people in 36 states who are currently receiving health insurance subsidies through the federal marketplaces could potentially be shut out, as the graphic below shows.http://finance.yahoo.com/news/lawsuit-could-destroy-obamacare-36-130900895.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory

Idiocracy: Director: Mike Judge: Comedy Sci-Fi Adventure

Idiocracy: Private Joe Bauers, the definition of "average American", is selected by the Pentagon to be the guinea pig for a top-secret hibernation program. Forgotten, he awakes 500 years in the future. He discovers a society so incredibly dumbed-down that he's easily the most intelligent person alive.


 Andrew Wilson Angela Ware Ava Santana Brendan Hill Chris Warner Christopher Ryan Dan Murphy Daniel Smith David Herman Dax Shepard Derek Southers Greg Kelly Greg Pitts Heather Kafka Jason Konopisos Justin Long Justin Smith Lidia Porto Luke Wilson Lynnanne Zager Maya Rudolph Michael McCafferty Patrick Fischler Peter Cornwell Rajiv Patel Randal Reeder Ricky Cavazos Robert Musgrave Sammy Harte Sara Rue Stephen Root Steve Powers Terry Crews Thomas Haden Church Tom Kenny Turk Pipkin

Footage After Israeli Strikes On Shijaiyah Leave 60 Dead

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
Red Cross is not allowed to enter Shijayya which is burning now.

Israel using flechette shells in Gaza

Flechette shell darts
An image provided by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights of darts from a flechette shell it says the Israeli military fired in Gaza last week.
The Israeli military is using flechette shells, which spray out thousands of tiny and potentially lethal metal darts, in its military operation in Gaza.
Six flechette shells were fired towards the village of Khuzaa, east of Khan Younis, on 17 July, according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. Nahla Khalil Najjar, 37, suffered injuries to her chest, it said. PCHR provided a picture of flechettes taken by a fieldworker last week.
The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) did not deny using the shells in the conflict. "As a rule, the IDF only employs weapons that have been determined lawful under international law, and in a manner which fully conforms with the laws of armed conflict," a spokesperson said in response to a request for specific comment on the deployment of flechettes.
B'Tselem, an Israeli human rights organisation, describes a flechette shell as "an anti-personnel weapon that is generally fired from a tank. The shell explodes in the air and releases thousands of metal darts 37.5mm in length, which disperse in a conical arch 300 metres long and about 90 metres wide".
The munitions are not prohibited under international humanitarian law, but according to B'Tselem, "other rules of humanitarian law render their use in the Gaza Strip illegal. One of the most fundamental principles is the obligation to distinguish between those who are involved and those who are not involved in the fighting, and to avoid to the extent possible injury to those who are not involved. Deriving from this principle is the prohibition of the use of an imprecise weapon which is likely to result in civilian injuries."
Flechette shell darts embedded in a wall in Gaza A image taken in 2009 of darts from a flechette shell embedded in a wall in Gaza. Photograph: Ben Curtis/AP The legality of flechette munitions was upheld by the Israeli supreme court in 2002, and according to an Israeli military source, they are particularly effective against enemy fighters operating in areas covered by vegetation.
The source said a number of armies around the world deploy flechette shells, and that they were intended solely for use against legitimate military targetshttp://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/20/israel-using-flechette-shells-in-gaza

Former WH Press Secretary Jay Carney Joins the $100,000-a-Speech Club

The 49-year-old spin doctor received a signing bonus to join the Washington Speakers Bureau, which could result in payments of up to $100,000 per speech.

Carney will be in huge demand with universities, corporations and trade associations while discussing anecdotes about working with President Barack Obama as well as his views on the upcoming midterm and presidential elections.

The fees he receives from the speaking circuit will give Carney time to consider job offers, including positions in public relations firms, consulting companies and even Silicon Valley, Politico said. http://www.newsmax.com/Politics/Carney-speeches-jobs-spokesman/2014/07/17/id/583223/

Police have blocked the Israeli consult from 1000s of #Palestine solidarity protesters #chicago | #GazaUnderAttack


1 in 5 of Gaza dead are children

(AP) — Sobbing and shaking, Ismail Abu Musallam leaned against the wall of a hospital Friday, waiting for three of his children to be prepared for burial. They were killed as they slept when an Israeli tank shell hit their home, burying 11-year-old Ahmed, 14-year-old Walaa and 16-year-old Mohammed under debris in their beds.
His personal tragedy is not unique: the U.N. says minors make up one-fifth of the 299 Palestinians killed in 11 days of intense Israeli bombardment of the densely populated Gaza Strip, where half the 1.7 million people are under age 18.
The Israeli military says it's doing its utmost to spare civilians by urging residents to leave areas that are about to be shelled or bombed as Hamas targets. It accuses the Islamic militants of using civilians as human shields by firing rockets from civilian areas.
But even if urged to evacuate, most Gazans have no safe place to go, rights activists say.
"If you are going to attack civilian structures in densely populated areas, of course you are going to see children killed," said Bill Van Esveld, a researcher for New York-based Human Rights Watch.
Seventy-one of those killed since fighting began on July 8 were under 18, according to an Associated Press count based on information provided by Palestinian health official Ashraf al-Kidra. Forty-eight of the victims were under the age of 13.
Many of the children were killed in their own homes.

Chicago shootings: 40 shot, four dead

There seems to be no end for violent and bloody weekends in the US city of Chicago where at least forty people are shot between 6 p.m. Friday and 12 a.m. Monday.

Chicago police say four people including a four-year-old girl have lost their lives in the shootings.

Police said Shamiya Adams was shot in the head on Friday night inside her friend’s house when someone fired from outside. She died a day later after the incident.

On Saturday night, a drive-by shooting injured four people and killed another near a block party in the 900 block of North Mayfield Avenue.

One man was killed and another injured in the first fatal shooting on Sunday. The incident took place in a bar in city’s Brighton Park neighborhood.

Chicago, described as the most dangerous city in the United States, has been dealing with a wave of deadly shootings in recent weeks.


Israeli soldier captured in Gaza: Hamas

On Sunday, the Ezzeddin al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, said the name of the captured soldier is Shaul Aron.
The Israeli regime has not confirmed the capture of the soldier yet.
Referring to the silence of Israel over the report, Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for the military wing of Hamas, said, "The fact that they did not announce (the loss of the soldier) shows that they were trying to hide their losses."
The news of capturing the Israeli soldier sparked celebrations in Gaza.
Al-Qassam Brigades says Palestinian resistance fighters have killed at least 32 Israeli soldiers since Saturday.
According to figures provided by emergency services, the total number of Palestinians killed since the beginning of the Israeli operation on July 8 stands at 437 http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/07/20/372127/israeli-soldier-captured-in-gaza-hamas/

Anonymous: 700 plus Israeli websites down by Anonymous. More to come!! #OpIsrael

download pdf - No Place to Hide:

download pdf - No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State by Glenn Greenwald  http://t.co/l1Y8kNs6PM

‘My bad’: State Dept. official apologizes for #UnitedForGaza tweet

  • Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Richard Stengel gave a peculiar apology to outraged Twitter users on Sunday after he tweeted the hashtag #UnitedForGaza.  (Associated Press) Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Richard Stengel gave a peculiar apology to outraged Twitter users on Sunday after he tweeted #UnitedForGaza to his 15,000 followers.
In a tweet directed to the State Department, Mr. Stengel said, “Critical for a full, credible and unimpeded intl investigation of crash. Urge Russia to honor it’s [sic] commitment,” Twitchy first reported.

After receiving swift backlash, the tweet was deleted, and Mr. Stengel sent out a terse explanation.

UNRWA declares emergency in Gaza

Fox confronts Kerry with hot mic comment on Israel: ‘Hell of a pinpoint operation’

 VIDEO  here!

In an unusual moment during Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace presented Secretary of State John Kerry with video recorded before he came on air.
Wallace presented the segment as being in reference to civilians killed in fighting in the Gaza Strip. "While you were on camera and while on microphone," Wallace said, "you spoke to one of your top aides between the interviews about the situation in Israel." He then played what the network had recorded. In the clip, Kerry is holding a cellphone conversation with someone. The person on the other end of the call isn't identified, and the audio from the other participant is staticky. But Kerry's comments are clear.http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-politics/wp/2014/07/20/fox-confronts-kerry-with-hot-mic-comment-on-israel-hell-of-a-pinpoint-operation/

John KERRY GRILLED By Chris Wallace on Tougher Sanctions For Russia & Iran. Kerry Fox News Sunday

Death Toll In Gaza Rises To 410 - Overwhelming Numbers Of Wounded

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


Brutal Attacks By Israeli Forces Heavy Attacks On Gaza Shifa Hospital Unabated bombing campaign taking its toll on civilian population


Activists occupy UK government building, demanding arms embargo on Israel

Solidarity activists in London occupied a UK government building yesterday to demand an immediate end to arms sales to Israel.
As Israel launched its ground invasion of Gaza, the London Palestine Action group took action at the Cabinet Office on Whitehall, protesting the British government’s support for the slaughter of Palestinians by Israel. The Cabinet Office is the UK government department responsible for supporting the prime minister.
Approximately 30 activists occupied the building for 45 minutes, some locking themselves to railings inside the building to prevent the police from removing them, including myself.
The group chanted slogans calling on the UK government to impose a military embargo on Israel.
A member of London Palestine Action said in a press release: “By allowing arms exports to Israel to flourish, the UK government is providing material and political support for Israel’s violent oppression and collective punishment of Palestinians, including the current massacre in Gaza.”
“UK companies that export arms to Israel such as BAE Systems and Boeing are profiting directly from Israel’s on-going attacks on Palestinian civilians on Gaza,” the group member said.

“Rather than seeking to whitewash Israeli atrocities,” the campaigner added,”the UK government should listen to the appeals

Norwegian surgeon in Gaza hospital: "This is outrageous, horrific and unbelievable ... what's happening is no less than premeditated killing and genocide."

Mads Frederick GilbertNorwegian professor Mads Frederick Gilbert is utterly shocked as he checks the corpses of martyrs and the bodies of the wounded as they continuously arrive in the Shifa Hospital in Gaza on the seventh day of the bloody Israeli onslaught on the besieged Strip.
Gilbert, 67, a surgeon, murmurs as he walks in the Intensive Care Unit: "This is outrageous, horrific and unbelievable... what's happening is no less than premeditated killing and genocide."
In an interview with Safa News, Gilbert says the Israeli occupation deliberately uses internationally forbidden destructive weapons in its continued onslaught on Gaza.
"Israeli bombs cause injuries that cannot be immediately seen via x-ray," Gilbert said, "After a period of time, the injury starts to bleed."
"The material used in these bombs is uncommon, which explains why we cannot cure the injured parts, and in some cases doctors are forced to amputate them," he says.
Gilbert arrived in Gaza on Thursday via the Rafah border crossing after Israel barred him from entering Gaza via the Beit Hanoun/Erez crossing.
The Norwegian physician has been to Gaza a number of times, the last was during the Israeli offensive in 2012.
An internationally renowned activist and member of the Norwegian socialist party the Red Party, Gilbert specialises in anaesthesia, and heads the Department of Emergency Medicine at the North Norway University Hospital.
"I feel as though I moved from a colourful world, where people enjoy freedom and peace, to the world of Gaza where life, peace and security are simply non-existent," he says while examining all cases that arrive in the hospital
He adds that his visit to Gaza this time is different. "The entire Gaza Strip has become a military target for Israeli warplanes; there is no safe place here. You can hear the air raids everywhere and see fear and anxiety on the faces of all the people and children." https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/news/europe/12805-norwegian-surgeon-witnesses-israeli-war-crimes-in-gaza

Pro-Palestine protests & marches are now illegal in France, but that didn't stop 1000s from marching in Paris today.


Ars editor learns feds have his old IP addresses, full credit card numbers

FOIA request turns up 9 years of records, including plaintext credit card numbers

In May 2014, I reported on my efforts to learn what the feds know about me whenever I enter and exit the country. In particular, I wanted my Passenger Name Records (PNR), data created by airlines, hotels, and cruise ships whenever travel is booked.
But instead of providing what I had requested, the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) turned over only basic information about my travel going back to 1994. So I appealed—and without explanation, the government recently turned over the actual PNRs I had requested the first time. The 76 new pages of data, covering 2005 through 2013, show that CBP retains massive amounts of data on us when we travel internationally. My own PNRs include not just every mailing address, e-mail, and phone number I've ever used; some of them also contain:
  • The IP address that I used to buy the ticket
  • My credit card number (in full)
  • The language I used
  • Notes on my phone calls to airlines, even for something as minor as a seat change
The breadth of long-term data retention illustrates yet another way that the federal government enforces its post-September 11 "collect it all" mentality.

Parsing PNRs

Parts of my PNRs, such as travel itineraries, were easy to understand. Others were nearly impossible to parse, so I enlisted the help of Edward Hasbrouck, a travel writer who has extensively researched (and even filed lawsuits over) PNRs. He told me that PNRs like mine are created for domestic flights, too, but that it's only for international travel that data is routinely given to CBP.
I was most surprised to see my credit card details—


PIC -German Artist Throws ‘NSA in Da House’ on U.S. Embassy in Berlin

Last night, German “light artist” Oliver Bienkowski managed to put on a show criticizing Barack Obama and the US web surveillance program, by projecting the words “NSA in da House” over the facade of the US Embassy in Berlin.
The image featured Obama in a backwards baseball cap and a hand holding up a peace sign.
With revelations that, among things, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s private phone calls were monitored by US agents, the level of distrust between Germany and the US has never been higher. Recently, the country expelled the CIA bureau chief stationed in Berlin, and apparently may only write sensitive documents with typewriters from now on.  http://www.mediaite.com/online/german-artist-throws-nsa-in-da-house-on-us-embassy-in-berlin/

Paul Craig Roberts: Sanctions & Airliners - Washington’s attitude toward Russia is formed by the Wolfowitz Doctrine

Paul Craig Roberts

NOTE: Photos are now available of the wreckage from the Malaysian airliner crash. Notice the extensive debris and the large section of fuselage. You are observing remains of an airliner that was hit with a missile at 33,000 feet and fell to impact land. Remember, no such debris was present at the site where the airliner is alleged to have hit the Pentagon and at the alleged crash site in Pennsylvania of the 4th 9/11 hijacked airliner. Give that some thought. No doubt but that the 9/11 Commission will conclude that only Malaysian airliners leave debris.
The unilateral US sanctions announced by Obama on July 16 blocking Russian weapons and energy companies access to US bank loans demonstrate Washington’s impotence. The rest of the world, including America’s two largest business organizations, turned their backs on Obama. The US Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers placed ads in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post protesting US sanctions. NAM said that the manufacturer’s association is “disappointed that the US is extending sanctions in increasingly unilateral ways that will undermine US commercial engagement.” Bloomberg reported that “meeting in Brussels, leaders of the European Union refused to match the US measures.”
In attempting to isolate Russia, the White House Fool has isolated Washington.
The sanctions will have no effect on the Russian companies. The Russian companies can get more bank loans than they need from China, or from France and Germany.
The three traits that define Washington–arrogance, hubris, and corruption–make Washington a slow learner. Arrogant people wallowing in hubris are incapable of learning. When they encounter resistance they respond with bribes, threats, and coercion. Diplomacy requires learning ability, but Washington left diplomacy years ago and relies on force.
Consequently, with its sanctions Washington is undermining its own power and influence. Sanctions are encouraging countries to withdraw from the dollar payments system that is the foundation of US power. Christian Noyer, Governor of the Bank of France and a member of the European Central Bank’s Governing Council, said that Washington’s sanctions are driving companies and countries out of the dollar payments system. The huge sum extorted from the French bank, BNP Paribas, for doing business with countries disapproved by Washington makes clear the increased legal risks that arise from using the dollar when Washington makes the rules.
Washington’s attack on the French bank was the occasion for many to remember the numerous past sanctions and to contemplate future sanctions, such as those that loom for Germany’s Commerzbank. A movement to diversify the currencies used in international trade is inevitable. Noyer pointed out that trade between Europe and China does not need to use the dollar and can be fully paid in Euros or Renminbi.
The phenomenon of US rules expanding to all US dollar-denominated transactions around the world is accelerating the movement away from the dollar payment system. Some countries have already arranged bilateral agreements with trading partners to make their trade payments in their own currencies. The BRICS are establishing new payment methods independently of the dollar and are setting up their own International Monetary Fund to finance trade imbalances.
The US dollar’s exchange value depends on its role in the international payments system. As this role shrivels, so will demand for dollars and the dollar’s exchange value. Inflation will enter the US economy via import prices, and already hard-pressed Americans will experience more compression of their living standards.
In the 21st century distrust has been growing of Washington. Washington’s lies, such as Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” and “Iranian nukes” are recognized as lies by other governments. The lies were used by Washington to destroy countries and to threaten others with destruction, keeping the world in constant turmoil. Washington delivers no benefit that offsets the turmoil that Washington inflicts on everyone else. Washington’s friendship requires complying with Washington’s demands, and governments are concluding that Washington’s friendship is not worth the high cost.
The NSA spy scandal and Washington’s refusal to apologize and desist has deepened the distrust of Washington by its own allies. World polls show that other countries regard the US as the greatest threat to peace. The American people themselves have no confidence in their government. Polls show that a large majority of Americans believe that politicians, the presstitute media, and private interest groups such as Wall Street and the military/security complex rig the system to serve themselves at the expense of the American people.
Washington’s empire is beginning to crack, a circumstance that will bring desperate action from Washington. Today (July 17) I heard a BBC news report on National Public Radio about a Malaysian airliner being shot down in Ukraine. The reporting might have been honest, but it sounded like a frame-up of Russia and the Ukrainian “separatists.” As the BBC solicited more biased opinions, the broadcast ended with a report from social media that separatists had brought down the airliner with a Russian weapon system.
No one on the program wondered what the separatists had to gain by shooting down an airliner. Instead, the discussion was whether once Russian responsibility was established, would this force the EU to endorse tougher US sanctions against Russia. The BBC was following Washington’s script and heading the story where Washington wanted it to go.
The appearance of a Washington operation is present. All the warmongers were ready on cue. US Vice President Joe Biden declared that the airliner was “blown out of the sky.” It was “not an accident.” Why would a person without an agenda be so declarative prior to having any information? Clearly, Biden was not implying that it was Kiev that blew the airliner out of the sky. Biden was at work in advance of the evidence blaming Russia. Indeed, the way Washington operates, it will pile on blame until it needs no evidence.
Senator John McCain jumped on the supposition that there were US citizens aboard to call for punitive actions against Russia before the passenger list and the cause of the airliner’s fate are known.
The “investigation” is being conducted by Washington’s puppet regime in Kiev. I think we already know what the conclusion will be.
The probability is high that we are going to have more fabricated evidence, such as the fabricated evidence presented by US Secretary of State Colin Powell to the UN “proving” the existence of the non-existent Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction.” Washington has succeeded with so many lies, deceptions and crimes that it believes that it can always succeed again.
At this time as I write, we have no reliable information about the airliner, but the Roman question always pertains: “Who benefits?” There is no conceivable motive for separatists to shoot down an airliner, but Washington did have a motive–to frame-up Russia–and possibly a second motive. Among the reports or rumors there is one that says Putin’s presidential plane flew a similar route to that of the Malaysian airliner within 37 minutes of one another. This report has led to speculation that Washington decided to rid itself of Putin and mistook the Malaysian airliner for Putin’s jet. RT reports that the two airplanes are similar in appearance. http://rt.com/news/173672-malaysia-plane-crash-putin/
Before you say Washington is too sophisticated to mistake one airliner for another, keep in mind that when Washington shot down an Iranian airliner over Iranian air space, the US Navy claimed that it thought the 290 civilians that it murdered were in an Iranian fighter jet, a F-14 Tomcat fighter, a US-made fighter that was a mainstay of the US Navy. If the US Navy cannot tell its own workhorse fighter aircraft from an Iranian airliner, clearly the US can confuse two airliners that the RT report shows appear very similar.
During the entire BBC frame-up of Russia, no one mentioned the Iranian passenger airliner that the US “blew out of the sky.” No one put sanctions on Washington.
Whatever the outcome of the Malaysian airliner incident, it demonstrates a danger in Putin’s soft policy toward Washington’s ongoing hard intervention in Ukraine. Putin’s decision to respond with diplomacy instead of with military means to Washington’s provocations in Ukraine gave Putin a winning hand, as evidenced by the opposition to Obama’s sanctions by the EU and US business interests. However, by not bringing a quick forceable end to the Washington-sponsored conflict in Ukraine, Putin has left the door open for the devious machinations in which Washington specializes.
If Putin had accepted the requests of the former Russian territories in eastern and southern Ukraine to rejoin Mother Russia, the Ukrainian imbroglio would have come to an end months ago, and Russia would not be running risks of being framed-up.
Putin did not get the full benefit of refusing to send troops into the former Russian territories, because Washington’s official position is that Russian troops are operating in Ukraine. When facts do not support Washington’s agenda, Washington disposes of the facts. The US media blames Putin as the perpetrator of violence in Ukraine. It is Washington’s accusation, not any known facts, that is the basis for the sanctions.
As there is no act too dastardly for Washington to undertake, Putin and Russia could become victims of a devious machination.
Russia seems hypnotized by the West and motivated to be included as a part of the West. This desire for acceptance plays into Washington’s hands. Russia does not need the West, but Europe needs Russia. One option for Russia is to tend to Russian interests and wait for Europe to come courting.
The Russian government should not forget that Washington’s attitude toward Russia is formed by the Wolfowitz Doctrine which states:
“Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

Deputy speaker of the Israeli Knesset pens a terrifying op-ed in Israel National News explicitly calling for the ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

Op-Ed: My Outline for a Solution in Gaza

Clear and concise, the steps towards achieving quiet in Gaza.
Published: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 11:01 PM

Ultimatum – One warning from the Prime Minister of Israel to the enemy population, in which he announces that Israel is about to attack military targets in their area and urges those who are not involved and do not wish to be harmed to leave immediately. Sinai is not far from Gaza and they can leave. This will be the limit of Israel’s humanitarian efforts. Hamas may unconditionally surrender and prevent the attack.
Attack – Attack the entire ‘target bank’ throughout Gaza with the IDF’s maximum force (and not a tiny fraction of it) with all the conventional means at its disposal. All the military and infrastructural targets will be attacked with no consideration for ‘human shields’ or ‘environmental damage’. It is enough that we are hitting exact targets and that we gave them advance warning.
Siege – Parallel to the above, a total siege on Gaza. Nothing will enter the area. Israel, however, will allow exit from Gaza. (Civilians may go to Sinai, fighters may surrender to IDF forces).
Defense – Any place from which Israel or Israel’s forces were attacked will be immediately attacked with full force and no consideration for ‘human shields’ or ‘environmental damage’.
Conquer – After the IDF completes the "softening" of the targets with its fire-power, the IDF will conquer the entire Gaza, using all the means necessary to minimize any harm to our soldiers, with no other considerations.
Elimination- The GSS and IDF will thoroughly eliminate all armed enemies from Gaza. The enemy population that is innocent of wrong-doing and separated itself from the armed terrorists will be treated in accordance with international law and will be allowed to leave. Israel will generously aid those who wish to leave.
Sovereignty – Gaza is part of our Land and we will remain there forever. Liberation of parts of our land forever is the only thing that justifies endangering our soldiers in battle to capture land. Subsequent to the elimination of terror from Gaza, it will become part of sovereign Israel and will be populated by Jews. This will also serve to ease the housing crisis in Israel. The coastal train line will be extended, as soon as possible, to reach the entire length of Gaza.
According to polls, most of the Arabs in Gaza wish to leave. Those who were not involved in anti-Israel activity will be offered a generous international emigration package. Those who choose to remain will receive permanent resident status. After a number of years of living in Israel and becoming accustomed to it, contingent on appropriate legislation in the Knesset and the authorization of the Minister of Interior, those who personally accept upon themselves Israel’s rule, substance and way of life of the Jewish State in its Land, will be offered Israeli citizenship.http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/15326#.U8rae45ZTbU

One Crazy Summer: (1986) Comedy

WATCH ON 12160   -John Cusack - Demi Moore - Bobcat Goldthwait

Video - Funeral For Three Gaza Children Killed By IDF - occupiedair


Bowing to AIPAC, Senate unanimously passes resolution supporting Israel

Senator Al Franken of Minnesota

Senator Al Franken of Minnesota
The Senate yesterday unanimously passed a resolution backed by the Israel lobby group AIPAC expressing support for Israel’s attack on Gaza and saying not a word about Palestinian deaths.

The Hill says that the resolution passed “through a unanimous consent agreement.”
“The United States Senate is in Israel’s camp,” [South Carolina Senator Lindsey] Graham said on the Senate floor Thursday.

The resolution describes Palestinian attacks on Israel as “unprovoked” and says not a word about Palestinian deaths, but speaks of the survival of Israel in urging the dissolution of the unified Palestinian government:
Reaffirms the United States’ support for Israel’s right to defend its citizens and ensure the survival of the State of Israel…
Calls on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to dissolve the unity governing arrangement with Hamas and condemn the attacks on Israel.
NJ Senator Cory Booker blamed Hamas for the violence:


Jews for peace - Michèle Sibony explain how the Pro-Palestine demonstration was actually a trap put by the Zionist JDL

Israeli police ransack Tariq Abu Khdeir family home and arrest relatives in apparent revenge raid

Just hours after 15-year-old Tariq Abu Khdeir left for Ben Gurion International Airport to return home to Tampa, Florida, Israeli police raided and ransacked the home of his family in the Shufat neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem. The police arrested Abu Khdeir’s uncle and cousins without charges.
The Israeli motive appears to have been revenge for the family’s role in publicizing CCTV footage of Abu Khdeir’s brutal beating at the hands of Israeli police, and their public campaign to secure his return to the US.
Abu Khdeir had been jailed without charges after being beaten inches from his life during rioting in Shufat in protest of the murder of his cousin, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, by Israeli nationalists seeking vengeance. Footage of the beating was aired on news outlets around the world:


State Department spokeswoman tweeted about fashion as Americans desperately waited for news of any loved ones killed in MH17 disaster

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki tweeted about a fashion column in the aftermath of the MH17 disaster as Americans desperately waited to see if any loved ones were among the 298 dead.
Psaki began her daily briefing with reporters yesterday by talking about the presidential elections in Afghanistan and other State Department business instead of the implications of the Malaysian Airline flight, believed to have been shot down by pro-Russian separatists.
Later that evening, the former Obama 2012 campaign spokeswoman took the time to share an article in the Washington Post from former a White House aide on why she took a job as a contributing editor with Marie Claire magazine.
'Great piece by former colleague Alyssa Mastromonaco who defines smart, savvy and fashionable,' Psaki tweeted.
Business as usual: State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki, pictured here conducting her daily briefing for reporters on June 16, 2014, is under fire for not taking more seriously an attack on a plane that killed nearly two dozen Americans
Business as usual: State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki, pictured here conducting her daily briefing for reporters on June 16, 2014, is under fire for not taking more seriously an attack on a plane that killed nearly two dozen Americans

Conservative news aggregation site Twitchy criticized Psaki after the tweet with post on how the 'children' have taken over at State.
'With a Malaysian airliner shot down and Israel launching a land, sea and air incursion into Gaza, the timing would seem poor, if it weren’t such a great piece in the Washington Post,' the publication sarcastically said.
The only plane-related tweet had Psaki sent from her official State Department Twitter account as of Friday morning was from nearly 24 hours ago.
'On reports of tragic Malaysian plane crash: at this time US do not have any confirmation of cause, individuals on plane or any addl details,' Psaki said on twitter a little after noon on Thursday.
After Psaki began her briefing yesterday by talking about everything but the Malaysian Airlines plane, Fox News host Shep Smith said it was 'highly inappropriate' for the State Department official to kick off her briefing by discussing 'routine matters.'
'I can’t believe what just happened,' he said to Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffen.
'That’s the State Department, Shep. I’m not surprised,' Griffen told him.
She later answered questions about the plane but had no information of substance to offer reporters.
Jen Psaki sent this tweet from her official State Department account last night
Jen Psaki sent this tweet from her official State Department account last night

Retired Four Star Army General Barry McCaffery told NBC News after the briefing he was 'astonished' at Psaki's 'inability' to 'say anything sensible at all' about the situation.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2697598/State-Department-spokeswoman-Jen-Psaki-fire-lackadaisical-attitude-assault-plane.html

Video: UN Security Council Meeting - Israeli Incursion OccupiedAir

Video: UN Security Council Meeting - Israeli Incursion

VIDEO: State Dept Jennifer Psaki asked about Gaza Genocide c-span

http://www.c-span.org/video/?c4504223/12160-b People in this video Psaki, Jennifer R. Spokesperson Department of State Hosting Organization Department of State