Why would the U.S. government support ISIS? Ask the Jewish supremacists who run it!

Dr. Duke started the show by putting the Syrian civil war in perspective. Recently released Defense Intelligence Agency documents show that the American government KNEW it was making common cause with ISIS. As far back as 2012 the DIA predicted that ISIS would take over parts of Syria, but rather than oppose it the U.S. considered ISIS a strategic asset in toppling the Syrian government, which of course is top priority for Israel.
Dr. Duke then made the case that the American government has effectively supported ISIS because that is what the Jewish extremists who control the government want. He passionately argued that if you want to stop the wars, if you want to halt massive immigration, if you want to resist drugs and abortion and degeneracy, then you have to face up to the Jewish problem. Without freeing ourselves from Jewish tyranny, our future as a people and indeed as a planet is bleak. Dr. Slattery adds information and analysis.
This is one of Dr. Duke’s most impassioned and persuasive presentations yet. Please share it, and if you can turn it into a video and upload it all the better.
Click here and look for the show dated 5-22-15.
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