ELECTION 2016: Whatta choice, Jeb Bush Allegedly Murdered CIA Pilot Barry Seal, Hillary allegedly murdered Vince Foster in 1993, Obama allegedly snuffed his grandma and two of his butt buddies in 2007 - Jews did 911

Not much of a choice at all ..
Future Texas Governor and 911 President George W Bush and his brother Jeb, were allegedly videotaped picking up kilos of cocaine at Tamiami airport Florida, in a DEA sting set up by Barry Seal.
Seal was later murdered allegedly by George Herbert Walker Bush, Oliver North and Jeb Bush.

The Arkancide material allegedly inculpates Hillary and Bill Clinton in numerous killings, and says she murdered her former lover Vince Foster at the White House in 1993, and that both were involved in CIA sponsored drug running!

George HW Bush was photographed near the doorway of the TSBD, some time after the shooting of President Kennedy in Dallas in 1963, he is thought to have fired from the Grassy Knoll and to have coordinated the entire op!

Like the others incumbent President Barak Obama has hangin' coming..
For the murder of his grandmother in Hawaii on the eve of the 2008 Presidential election, in a crime widely supposed to have been committed to garner the sympathy vote.

And for killing two of his alleged homosexual paramours in Chicago in 2007, allegedly because he was concerned details of his relationships with the two men, would mar his chance to be President.

Not to mention he is an integral part of the coverup of Jewish culpability for 911, who similarly spurns evidence that shows the Martin Luther Kings man and wife at the JFK assassination.

Who set US forces against the innocent in the Moslem world, similarly based on false evidence Arabs were the responsive parties, who by proxy finances ISIS and its many offshoots, all of which were spawned by the CIA thence Zion.