Georgia police chief, wife get 50 days in jail for child abuse

Richard and Cheryl Burton (Habersham County Jail)
Richard and Cheryle Burton (Habersham County Jail)
If you are poor, your chances of going to prison for 40 years for something you didn’t do are higher than if you have a job and can afford to hire a lawyer who isn’t paid by the system trying to imprison you.
If you are employed as a police officer, it seems your chances of avoiding prosecution or getting a light sentence are even better.
In Atlanta, in 2006, rogue police officers shot and killed 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston during an illegal raid of her home.
Most people would get decades in prison for such an act, but the most serious sentence handed out to an Atlanta police officer was 10 years. That particular officer, Jason Smith, planted marijuana in Johnston’s home after the shooting to make her look like a drug dealer. Two other officers got sentences of five and six years.
Prosecutors let the officers plead guilty to voluntary homicide and