Cops spewed obscenities as they forcibly evicted the innocent residents from their homes.

Two homes forcibly commandeered by police, innocent homeowners arrested

  Police forcibly commandeered homes from two innocent families because they wanted to use the properties to surveil a neighbor. After their plan was denied by phone request, police conspired and executed a plan to break into the homes and arrest the innocent homeowners, a lawsuit reveals.

The incident took place on July 10th, 2011.  The Henderson Police Department (HPD) was issued a complaint about suspected domestic violence.  Police decided that they wanted use two neighboring houses to observe the suspect. In conjunction with the North Las Vegas Police Department (NLVPD), officers devised a plan to commandeer the home of Anthony Mitchell, as well as the home of his parents, Michael and Linda Mitchell — both living adjacent to the suspect.  Each of them were innocent and uninvolved in the suspected crime.

A lawsuit states: “At 10:45 a.m. defendant Officer Christopher Worley (HPD) contacted plaintiff Anthony Mitchell via his telephone. Worley told plaintiff that police needed to occupy his home in order to gain a ‘tactical advantage’ against the occupant of the neighboring house.