Egypt puppet gov conspires with Israel in "cease fire" proposal: Palestinians must stop firing rockets, completely disarm themselves, and go back to being meek prisoners. In exchange, Israel offers vague promises of nothing.

Israel and Palestinian militants intensified attacks against each other Tuesday after the collapse of a cease-fire deal to end the conflict which began last week.  Palestinians say they hope for an end to the conflict, but not on Israel's terms.
The leaders of Hamas, the Palestinian political authority in Gaza, have rejected an Egyptian proposal for a cease-fire accepted earlier in the day by Israel.

Hamas says it was not included in discussions of the deal, which called for a temporary cease-fire to begin Tuesday, the opening of the borders with Gaza, and talks between Hamas and Israel to take place in Cairo.

Officials from the group have also insisted on further conditions including the lifting of an Israeli blockade on the Palestinian territory.

Netanyahu warns of military escalation