Evidence Mysteriously Disappears in Arkansas Police Brutality Case: Mother Beaten, Teen Tased Six Times

In Dover, Arkansas on September 13, 2011, a mother and her juvenile son were out walking their dog when things quickly escalated after police showed up and questioned them about drugs.  Now, the very evidence that police are supposed to keep – evidence that would have vindicated them – has mysteriously disappeared.

Eva Robinson and her son Matthew, 16, were minding their own business when they were approached by a Dover Marshall, a Pope County Sheriffs Deputy, and an Arkansas State Police Officer who questioned them about drugs and demanded they be searched before essentially beating them up, says Holly Dickson, an ACLU attorney.
The family filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas in Little Rock back in September, 2012 claiming that Eva and her son were walking their dog in front of the church next to their house. They were not engaged in any type of illegal, suspicious or improper activity. They were just walking their dog.
The evening ended with Eva being arrested and injured – and her son being arrested, handcuffed, battered and tase