Guy who dressed up as Fedex employee and killed sister-in-laws family was withdrawing from psychiatric medication

Ronald Lee Haskell, 33, was brought into the courtroom with his hands and feet cuffed and wearing a jailed issued orange jumpsuit. This was his first appearance before a judge where he heard the capital murder charge and the evidence against him. Deputies say on Wednesday he shot seven family members of his ex-wife, killing six of them.
As the prosecutor read the calculated details in the probable cause documents, Haskell's knees started to buckle and he collapsed to the floor. Deputies helped to keep him standing, but he collapsed again. Haskell was then placed in a chair and rolled out of the courtroom.
Sources tell Local 2 he's been an uncaring, uncooperative suspect the last two days, which is in stark contrast to his collapse in court Friday.
"Maybe reality is finally setting in. This is not TV this is not fiction. He is facing his consequence," said Assistant District Attorney Tammy Thomas.
Haskell's public defender says he is a troubled individual who was off his medication.
"The focus of my defense with Mr. Haskell is his mental condition. Our laws say a person suffering from mental illness is not criminally responsible," said his attorney Doug Durham.
He says Haskell is being treated with a cocktail of medications in jail. Durham also says he's consulting with mental health experts on how to proceed with the case.