Is The Next Kent State About To Happen? This is a VERY dangerous situation.

So the Obama Feds are sick of being thwarted by groups of anti-illegal-immigration protesters carrying flags and attempting to prevent their community from being overrun with migrants.  Local police officers in Murietta, CA are telling the protesters, who are still camped out and preventing buses carrying immigrants from passing, that the Feds are going to show up on Monday with riot gear to push the crowd back.  This is reminiscent of the recent showdown at the Clive Bundy Ranch, where militia members prevented heavily-armed Federal agents from taking (or killing) more cows from the Bundy Ranch than they already had.
Senator Harry Reid was quoted as saying, “It is an issue that we cannot let go, just walk away from.”  Even though the Obama administration is blatantly not following the duly passed laws of the United States concerning immigration, Harry Reid was incensed that any proud American would stand up to Federal government overreach.  Financial disputes are carried out routinely in this country peacefully, without heavily armed Federal agents.