Murrieta Residents: Obama Admin Flooding Our Streets to 'Force Immigration Reform'

 Furious protesters in Murrieta, California have made it clear that they oppose the federal government's apparent desire to send busloads of illegal immigrants from South Texas to their area. Many Murrieta residents claim that the town is being targeted unfairly for political reasons--some even assert that the Obama Administration is attempting to dump the immigrants in "small town America" to force immigration reform.
Last week a large group of protesters blocked a bus full of migrants from arriving at a "housing facility." That vehicle turned back, and several more busloads of illegal immigrants was expected to enter the town on Monday. Breitbart Texas broke the news that federal agents planned to bring riot gear and shields to ensure the successful delivery of the immigrants. Those plans, however, were thwarted by protesters yet again.

At this point it is unclear if federal authorities still plan on sending migrants to Murrieta--whatever the case, many of the town's residents remain vehemently opposed to the idea.