New Whistleblower: NSA Can Collect Your Emails With Executive Order

Former State Department official John Napier Tye wants Americans to know about Executive Order 12333, which he says allows the National Security Agency to collect U.S. citizens’ online communications without oversight from the courts or Congress.
The 1981 executive order authorizes intelligence agencies to collect communications overseas without a warrant. Tye says loopholes allow for the collection of American emails and other communications routinely copied to servers outside the U.S., even if the sender and recipient are not abroad.
“Once that email leaves the territory of the United States, Executive Order 12333 authorizes the NSA to collect it, so long as it’s in the course of a lawful foreign intelligence investigation,” Tye tells U.S. News. “There are massive, widespread constitutional violations going on every single day, and I filed a complaint to try to stop them.”