Police dogs are being trained to sniff out hard drives

If you’ve ever built a gaming PC, then you know how each unboxed component has its own “new tech” scent. That’s similar to new car smell, only geekier and less expensive. Although it depends upon your sense of smell, it’s much more difficult to catch the scent of “tech” when you open a new SD card, USB drive or other hard drive. Take away the “new” factor and change it to previously-used memory filled with child porn and then hidden away; that is what a new type of police dog is supposedly detecting.
You may have heard of memory sniffing attacks, but it likely did not include a dog as part of the scenario. While discussing new methods police are using to fight child porn in Rhode Island, the Providence Journal reported that includes police dogs allegedly capable of sniffing out hidden memory cards and storage drives, which will be used during the investigation of suspected child pornographers.
The state police task force’s hunt to track down “the worst of the worst” offenders now includes a golden Labrador named Thoreau that “received 22 weeks of training in how to detect devices in exchange for food http://www.networkworld.com/article/2451084/microsoft-subnet/police-dog-sniffs-out-kiddie-porn-on-hidden-memory-cards-and-flash-drives.html