Southeastern New Mexico : 89 undocumented immigrants test positive for tuberculosis

A total of 89 undocumented immigrants detained at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center have tested positive on the tuberculosis, or TB, skin test, but no individual has actually contracted the disease according to J.R. Doporto, a Carlsbad city councilor.
A positive TB skin or blood test only signifies that the person has been infected with the bacteria that causes tuberculosis, according to a fact sheet published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The test does not show whether the person has actually contracted the disease.
If a person tests positive on the TB skin test, he or she is then given a chest X-ray, which proves whether the subject has contracted the disease.
Doporto, Artesia Mayor Phil Burch and other various city and county officials from Southeastern New Mexico met with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials Tuesday for an update on the status of the undocumented immigrants being detained at FLETC while they await either deportation or an asylum hearing in front of an immigration judge.
The Current-Argus spoke with an ICE spokeswoman, but the federal agency was unable to provide an official comment before press time.