The 'Snowden Effect' Continues As China Claims Apple's iPhone A Threat To National Security.

The security and control of personal data is a big concern for many these days and literally it’s becoming a global epidemic.  Today, China just announced they don’t trust our beloved iPhone. Further underscoring today’s untrusting new world order in the “post-Snowden” era, the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry recently announced that their government would be doing away with “untrusted Intel and AMD processors” over time, while launching an effort to build their own ARM-based “Baikal” processor and move to Linux for government systems.  And hey, ARM is a British multinational company but you can trust them much more than the “spying” Americans, right?  But of course.
It’s truly a sign of the times as what many have termed “the Snowden Effect” continues to reverberate throughout the global economy.  The Chinese state media noted that Apple's iPhone is a “threat to national security” because the device tracks user location and offers time-based information on their whereabouts at any given time.  Broadcasters noted the sensitivity of the data Apple’s iPhone gathers and that it could reveal a country’s economic make-up and even “state secrets.”
"Creepy iPhone Tracking Thingy" Credit: Flicker User
“Creepy iPhone Tracking Thingy” Credit: Flicker User
It’s not the first time the Chinese media or the government has taken issue with US-designed or built products; Google , Microsoft and Cisco have all been under the microscope.  China recently dropped “the ban hammer” on Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS for use on any government computer