"60 people with gastoenterological problem" at Toledo Hospital -number could grow

Toledo Water Apocalypse

That number could grow - people exhibiting the same symptoms the happen when you drink the tainted water currently flowing through Toledo's pipes.

How many of those cases - if any - are related to the water crisis is not yet known. 

Toledo-Lucas County Health Director Dr. David Grossman says water samples are being tested in Cincinnati and Columbus to determine if water coming from the city's water treatment plant is safe to drink. Those who get their water from the City of Toledo should not ingest water from the tap, but the water can be used for bathing and washing clothes.
The Health Department issued an advisory warning residents not to drink the water early Saturday morning. Grossman says the Lake Erie water which feeds into the Toledo water treatment plant is regularly tested and had been tested less than 24 hours before the test which caused the alert.
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