FBI "ROLLING CANVAS" - Checkpoints in Michigan

The three-hour 'rolling canvas' backed up traffic

FBI and police set up roadblocks and question hundreds 
FBI and police set up roadblocks and question hundreds in hometown where texting teen April Millsap was found murdered

Cops say tips have dried up since they raided the home of a sex offender - but the case still hasn't been solved

Some civil libertarians say the mass traffic stops in Armada on Thursday were unconstitutional

April Millsap was found dead on a popular walking trail with her faithful dog Penny guarding her last Thursday 

Anyone with information about the case is urged to call Michigan State Police at 877-616-4677

Why Law Enforcement Put Black ‘X’ Marks on Every Person’s Hand They Spoke to Around a Michigan Trail

Police told local reporters that the “rolling canvas” was conducted during a time of the evening when Millsap was known to regularly walk her dog along a certain path, and that investigators were hoping to question anyone who showed signs of having a similar routine. The searches appear to have caused a rift in the community, according to commenters who responded to WXYZ’s story on the incident. One person said, “I foresee a MASSIVE lawsuit alleging 4th and 5th amendment violations for using this practice. The simple fact is that such checkpoints are inherently illegal. I suggest EVERYONE tell the cops that they do NOT consent and will NOT allow any search.” http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/08/01/why-law-enforcement-put-black-x-marks-on-every-persons-hand-they-spoke-to-around-a-michigan-trail/