Homes of 10,690 Gaza families destroyed or heavily damaged, UN says:

Scenes of Destruction Await Gazans as Truce Leads Displaced Home

Photographer: Mahmud Hams/AFP via Getty Images
Palestinians salvage items from the rubble of destroyed buildings, as the fragile... Read More
With a cease-fire between Israel and militants hours old, Nafez al-Khudari and his family collected their mattresses, blankets and clothes and began hitchhiking back to the Gaza City home they’d fled almost a month earlier.
The drive across the territory’s biggest city yesterday from a United Nations refuge in the west to the Shuja’iya neighborhood was slow going. They stared out of the car windows at crowded, rubble-strewn streets and the remains of buildings crushed by Israeli artillery and aircraft. Men, women and children clambered over garbage and masonry in search of anything worth salvaging.