Russian 'No Fly Zone' : Putin Considering Ban on Western Airlines Using Russian Airspace

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin ordered his government to draw up retaliatory measures as a riposte to western sanctions amid signs Moscow was considering a ban on western airlines using Russian airspace.
Moscow's Vedomosti business daily said the Russian government was now considering whether to strike back at the European Union by placing a total or partial ban on its airlines' flights over Siberia to Asia.
In his first comments on the broader punitive measures imposed by the US and the EU against Russia in the past two weeks, Mr Putin said he had told his government to prepare retaliatory moves.
Any restriction would reverse an agreement between Moscow and European airlines dating back to the 1970s. It has allowed airlines to save up to $30,000 (€22,000) in fuel and fees on each Trans-Siberian route and shave up to 4,000km off each journey. Here