Train Departs Penn Station Without Passengers

All Are Not Aboard: Amtrak Train Departs Penn Station Without Passengers
Amtrak train leaves passengers stranded at Penn Station in New York. (Photo: AP)
Amtrak prides itself on getting passengers where they’re going on time—even if that means leaving the passengers behind.
On Saturday, the Acela Express 2253 left Penn Station for Washington D.C. without riders. The 3 pm train left approximately 85 people behind after the riders were reportedly led to the wrong platform.
The New York Post broke the story on Sunday and talked to passenger Damien Miano who was not pleased with the inconvenience. “They literally sent us to the wrong platform, and the conductor took off without any passengers,” Miano said. “The right hand didn’t know what the left was doing. It was just so bizarre.”