Washington’s Alliance With Traffickers of Human Organs And the cover-up in the West by Justin Raimondo,

Washington’s Alliance With Traffickers of Human Organs
And the cover-up in the West
by , August 06, 2014
Remember the Kosovo war? If you’re under 30, it’s just a blip on the historical screen, one that has far less impact on your consciousness than the subsequent wars of the post-9/11 era – and yet it was an important milestone on the road to where we are today. It was in Kosovo that the complicity of government and media in ginning up a new era of wars really began to take on dimensions we have all grown quite used to.
Back then, CNN was the entirety of the cable news universe, and Christiane Amanpour – married to State Department spokesman James Rubin – became the head cheerleader for dragging us into that conflict. Railing about alleged atrocities by the Serbs against the supposedly pacific Kosovars, Amanpour’s role as media warmonger-in-chief was complemented by the union of neocons and Clintonian "progressives" who demanded American military intervention in the name of "humanitarianism."
It was in Kosovo that the "responsibility to protect" doctrine – later run up the flagpole during the Libyan intervention – was first rolled out: it was our moral duty, we were told, to go to war against Serbia. The evil Serbs were the villains. The Kosovars were the Good Guys. As a report by Dick Marty, of the European Union investigative team looking into war crimes committed by the Kosovo "Liberation" Army (KLA), put it in his 2010 report:
"The appalling crimes committed by Serbian forces, which stirred up very strong feelings worldwide, gave rise to a mood reflected as well in the attitude of certain international agencies, according to which it was invariably one side that were regarded as the perpetrators of crimes and the other side as the victims, thus necessarily innocent. The reality is less clear-cut and more complex."
The Serbs-guilty-Kosovars-innocent narrative pushed by the interventionists has stuck to this day, in spite of the ongoing victimization of the remaining Serbs – who have been ethnically cleansed from most of the region, after witnessing their homes and churches burned to the ground while the "allies" – who still occupy Kosovo – stood by and watched. As it turned out, NATO did more than merely stand by and watch – according to Marty they actively covered up numerous war crimes committed by the KLA and the current leadership of Kosovo, including the practice of trafficking in human organs torn from the bodies of Serb prisoners of war.
Clint Williamson of the EU Special Investigative Task Force has told reporters:
“Certain elements of the KLA intentionally targeted the minority populations with acts of persecution that included unlawful killings, abductions, enforced disappearances, illegal detentions in camps in Kosovo and Albania, sexual violence, other forms of inhumane treatment, forced displacements of individuals from their homes and communities, and desecration and destruction of churches and other religious sites.”http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2014/08/05/washingtons-alliance-with-traffickers-of-human-organs/