Water crisis: still waiting for answers

Governor John Kasich has issued a state of emergency for Lucas County and surrounding communities due to algae toxins detected in the water during routine testing.

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins says we won't know the results of the water testing until sometime Sunday. He says a water sample was flown to Cincinnati for further testing.

He also said National Guard trucks full of water and being distributed at Waite High School, Central Catholic High School, Springfield High School and Woodward High School until 11:00 PM Saturday. You can also get your containers filled with water at UT's Scott Park Campus. Collins said pre-mixed formula and MRE rations were also enroute.  The mayor said stores in suburban locations are restocking shelves with water.
Click here for a list of places to find drinkable water.
You can also call the City Water Information Line at 419-936-2020