CIA Officers Allegedly Impersonated Senate Staffers to Obtain Documents

The CIA may have sent agents to impersonate Senate staffers in order to gain access to computers used in an investigation of the agency’s renditioning programs, a report revealed.
The CIA’s inspector general report, which is currently in the process of being redacted before its publishing, indicates that, among other things, the CIA repeatedly hindered the Senate’s investigation by impersonating staffers on the Intelligence Committee, which was in the middle of investigating allegations of torture by the agency. The CIA has already admitted to hacking Senate computers and removing key documents.
However, sources who have seen the confidential report say that the CIA’s actions against the Senate go far beyond impersonation. “If people knew the details of what they actually did to hack into the Senate computers to go search for the torture document, jaws would drop,” a Senate source told the Huffington Post. “It’s straight out of a movie.”