Pure Manipulation, $1.3B of Paper Gold Dumped Onto Illiquid Market

Depending on how you are positioned, or if you are a highly skilled/lucky day trader, you will find profit in one price direction or the other. Typically not both. There is one entity that has proven time and time again that they are quite capable of making money no matter which way the market moves. That entity are the banks.
As we know, most markets are manipulated in some degree, but none more so than the commodities market. Within the commodities market, some of the most rampant and blatant manipulation takes place in the precious metals market. Manipulation that once was considered “conspiracy”, has now been proven true.
Unfortunately, even though the manipulation has been exposed, it still continues on. The profits experienced in these engineered takedowns are just too tempting.
The most recent notable takedown occurred this week in the form of a huge 1.3 billion dollar sale of paper gold, during an illiquid period of the day. Clearly, the actions of an entity who has one goal and one goal only in mind: moving the price lower.
This blatant manipulation prompted legendary precious metals expert, Jim Sinclair, to send out an email to his subscribers. It reads as follows:
“Manipulation such as the sale of $1.3 billion dollars worth of paper gold at an illiquid time period today is not to protect the dollar or bull the general equity market. It is to make money for the manipulators that want here to cover their shorts and initiate to expand their long positions. That sale was a pure construct as there was no news to sustain the sell or to initiate it in the time span of its occurrence.
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