Activists occupy UK government building, demanding arms embargo on Israel

Solidarity activists in London occupied a UK government building yesterday to demand an immediate end to arms sales to Israel.
As Israel launched its ground invasion of Gaza, the London Palestine Action group took action at the Cabinet Office on Whitehall, protesting the British government’s support for the slaughter of Palestinians by Israel. The Cabinet Office is the UK government department responsible for supporting the prime minister.
Approximately 30 activists occupied the building for 45 minutes, some locking themselves to railings inside the building to prevent the police from removing them, including myself.
The group chanted slogans calling on the UK government to impose a military embargo on Israel.
A member of London Palestine Action said in a press release: “By allowing arms exports to Israel to flourish, the UK government is providing material and political support for Israel’s violent oppression and collective punishment of Palestinians, including the current massacre in Gaza.”
“UK companies that export arms to Israel such as BAE Systems and Boeing are profiting directly from Israel’s on-going attacks on Palestinian civilians on Gaza,” the group member said.
“Rather than seeking to whitewash Israeli atrocities,” the campaigner added,”the UK government should listen to the appeals