FRANKLIN COUNTY CORONER- Reopen The Death Cases Of Edward Peterson And Tyrell Fuller

Edward Peterson and Tyrell Fuller were both inmates at the Franklin County Jail serving time for minor sentences. Both men had medical conditions and were left to die an excruciating death.

The Franklin County Sheriff was aware of their medical conditions. He and his staff left them to die when simple medical treatments would have allowed them to live.

Under the law the Sheriff and his staff involved should be charged with Homicide...

BUT because the Franklin County Coroner and the Sheriff are very close they have ruled the deaths a medical condition instead of Homicide.

We are asking the Franklin County Coroner to reopen the cases and because of her conflict of interest with the Franklin County sheriff allow the F.B.I to do an outside investigation and get the family's the justice they deserve.

NOTE.- The Franklin county Coroner in charge of the deaths was Dr.  Jan Gorniak whom has quickly resigned and taken another position in Washington D.C.
The current Franklin County Coroner is Dr. Anahi M. Ortiz-  We contacted Dr. Anahi Ortiz who quickly ended the conversation when these names were brought up. She knows of the cases and knows these are Homicides not medical deaths...


Letter to
Franklin County Coroner Franklin county Coroner- Columbus Ohio
Reopen The Death Cases Of Edward Peterson And Tyrell fuller...